Kumite tips by David Jones

Back in 2013 I attended my first ISKF Master Camp in Philadelphia. After a lot of training and getting used to sleep with my snoring cabin-members, I visited a lecture on Monday evening.


If I remember well, it was called “Difference between sport karate and traditional Karate-do. Lecture by sensei David Jones”.

 I thought: “Better than trying my new ear-plugs for sure.” So I went to the lecture.


Sensei David Jones is a man in his mid-fifties and my first thought was: “He looks a lot like Liam Neeson”. (Can’t be only me, right?)  While the lecture was very interesting at some point he explained something about kime. Then he showed a tsuki…


“What in the name of Mike Tyson was that??”


Believe me, when I tell you that this tsuki was just awesome! 


If you survive a punch like that, you can easily tell the weather forecast for the next couple of month. I was so impressed by his strength, speed and knowledge that I simply had to check his background.


So after my secret ninja research, I found out that Sensei David Jones began his practice of karate in England during the early 1970s. He trained with Masters Kanazawa and Enoeda and has been a close and personal student of Master Yaguchi. He also competed for many years in both kata and kumite (And won a lot of titles). By the way he produced countless champions in every age, is now Chief Instructor for ISKF Alberta, Chairman of ISKF Canada and holds the 8 Dan.


Now 3 Years later I had the pleasure to attend two of his classes (I had to trade my swiss chocolate which I brought to the Master Camp in order to discover where he was going to teach that afternoon.) and I just had to ask him for one of his favorite technique for a video. (He showed 3, but who is going to refuse some extra goodies? :-) Enjoy the video!

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    Steven (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 17:24)

    I trained with sensei Jones in Canada a long time ago! Still amazing!

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    David (Sunday, 16 April 2017 20:43)

    First one! Good tips