3 Fresh warm-up ideas

Usually I never have trouble to think of something for Kihon, Kata, Kumite or self-defense, but I have a hard time to find something interesting for warm-up.


I know, there are a lot of Senseis who always do the same routine (Jumping-Jacks? Anyone?) or skip the warm-up and go directly to stretching (I hate that!). So to keep your warm-up f-f-fresh and fun I present you 3 warm up ideas.

1.       Line-fun

This is very good if you have large groups and you want them to be ready really fast. They stay in line and run on the spot. As soon as the Sensei shouts “Go” they have to run across the Dojo and back. When they are back in line, they run on the spot again.

When the Sensei shouts “Kiai” they do 3 random Kumite-style Techniques adding a Kiai at the last technique. After that, they turn around and run on the spot again.


2.       Animal Farm

This type of routine is especially fun for kids, but my adults enjoy it too.

It is all about mimic an animal while walking to the other side of the Dojo. Normally I go from Easy to hard. So I start with “Kangaroo”. Just light jumping to the other side. After that I usually use the “Spider” to crawl to the other side just using hands and feet without the belly touching the floor. Then I tell them to “crab” sideways or “bug” to the end of the Dojo. Just add funny animals to your routine to keep it fun...They all hate the frog by the way:-)


3.       Burpee Fiesta

This is hard but gets you warm in no time.

It’s like the game “Simon says” but with just 3 commands. The commands are “Jump” “Back” and “Front”.


So the Sensei shouts one of this 3 commands and the Kohai (and hopefully himself too) has to take the position or jump as quick as possible.


“Jump” is for a high jump.

“Back” is for lying on the back.

“Front” is for lying on the belly.


So if you want your Kohai to hate you, you just shout "back" and "jump" 30 times in a row:-)


That’s it. I hope this gives you some good ideas for your warm-up routine. In the video you can see every exercise again. 


(I know, my students are cheaters:-)




Have fun. 

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