How to do the jump in Unsu

This time I have a video that was made on request.

If I would get a Swiss Franc for every time someone asks me “How do you do the jump in Unsu?” I would be as rich as Bruce Wayne.


So for this occasion I invited my sparring partner and good friend Gabriele Caccialanza from Italy over.

Sensei Gabriele Caccialanza is an amazing and successful athlete. Not only in Kata but also in Kumite. He is a member of the Italian National Team and an absolute genius if it comes to Waza (Technique). If you think that I am a “Karate Fanatic” you really should meet him first. Actually he always looks like he is coming from or going to the Dojo.


But let us talk about the Jump.


According to Sensei Gabriele, there are 3 important points when it comes to the execution of the Jump in the Kata Unsu.


1. Turn your front foot before you jump.


In order to have free trajectory for the right leg you have to open your left foot for at least 45° right before you jump.


2. Swing your right leg


To have enough energy to rotate and jump high enough you have to swing your leg very hard. Most people do not swing the right leg properly. Imagine kicking a ball very hard. This will allow your body to generate enough momentum to rotate in the air.


3. Hug your knees midair


If you don’t hug your knees when you are midair you will not rotate fast enough to land properly. If your limbs are close to your body you have enough time to coordinate your landing.


Every point is shown in the video below.



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    Tenzin (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 00:52)

    Great Video
    In a short time I can hear from point to point what is important!